Download CrossOver for Linux, Free of Charge

Believe it or not, CrossOver, a software that lets Linux and Mac OS X users install popular Windows applications and games, is free for download (yes, FREE)... but only for one day! That day is yesterday (October 28th, 2008), so you better go grab the serial number right now from the CodeWeavers website. Hurry up, because the code you will receive can be unlocked until 23:59 (Midnight) Wednesday, October 29th, Central Standard Time (CST). The software has a limit of 1 copy per customer.

How did this happen? Long story short, three months ago, Jeremy White (CodeWeavers CEO) launched the Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge, to "force" George W. Bush into achieving a major political or economic goal. Jeremy White stated that if one of the six goals would be accomplished, he would give his CrossOver application for free to customers worldwide, for one day. Well, this happened on October 14th, when the average price of gasoline dropped below $2.79 per gallon.

"My fellow Americans. As you probably know by now, we recently succeeded in reaching one of our Lame Duck Presidential Challenge Goals. Of course, we reached it in perhaps the worst way possible - by destroying the world economy. And while ostensibly President Bush was to get the credit/blame for meeting our goals, the bottom line is that I cannot help but feel personally responsible for the greatest financial collapse since the 1930s." - said Jeremy White, CodeWeavers CEO.

Below is a list of the applications and games that can be installed via the CrossOver software:
· Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0
· Adobe FrameMaker 7
· Adobe Photoshop 6 / 7 / CS / CS2
· Cortona VRML Client
· Dreamweaver MX
· EndNote 7.0
· EndNote 8
· Flash MX
· Flash Player
· Internet Explorer 6.0
· iPIX Netscape Plugin Viewer
· Lotus Notes 5
· Lotus Notes 6.5.1
· Microsoft Excel Viewer 97/2000 / 2003
· Microsoft Office 97 / 2000 / 2003 / 2007 / XP
· Microsoft Outlook 2003
· Microsoft Project 2000 / 2002 / 2003 · Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97/2000 / 2003
· Microsoft Visio 2002 / 2003
· Microsoft Word Viewer 97/2000 / 2003
· Oracle JInitiator 1.1
· Quick View Plus
· QuickBooks
· Quicken
· Quicken 2007 or 2008
· QuickTime 7
· Shockwave Player 8.5
· Superscape Viscape Universal
· VP3 for QuickTime 5
· Windows Media Player 6.4 / 9
· EVE Online
· Guild Wars
· Half-Life
· World of Warcraft

Linux users can grab the CrossOver Office and Games installers right now from here.

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Ubuntu 8.10 Free CDs: Orders Are Taken Now

Ubuntu 8.10 Free CDs: Orders Are Taken Now - The Intrepid Ibex. One week is left until the final release of Ubuntu 8.10 and, if you are anxious to get your hands on some nice CDs with the Intrepid Ibex, then you should pre-order them right now from Ubuntu's ShipIt service, FREE of charge. They have started taking the orders a few minutes ago, so hurry up!

If you want to count the days until Ubuntu 8.10 is released – which will happen on October 30th – you can get a nice script, to show it on your website. After you get the countdown script from here, you can even modify it to look the way you want. Each day, the image will change, counting the days remaining until the release of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex).

Although many of you have downloaded the Beta release of Intrepid, I am sure that there will be some more changes until the final product gets on the market. So far, we only know the features that are included in the Beta release. The final release of Ubuntu 8.10 is getting closer and closer, with a lot of changes from the Beta version. At a first glance, you won't notice them, because most are internal, like bug fixes, security updates, etc.

Among the new features in Ubuntu 8.10 is Linux kernel 2.6.27, DKMS, X.Org 7.4, Network Manager 0.7, Samba 3.2, The GIMP 2.6.1, Firefox 3.0.3 and GNOME 2.24 desktop environment, which brings a file manager with tabs, the ability to mount archives, an improved Fast User Switch applet that works in collaboration with Pidgin, a better archive manager that adds support for the ALZ, RZIP, CAB and TAR.7Z file types. Also, features such as encrypted private directory, guest sessions, PAM authentication framework and many more will also be present.

You can download the Beta version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) right now from here, or wait until tomorrow for the Release Candidate!

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Registry Tweaks to Enhance Your Windows XPerience

Registry Tweaks to Enhance Your Windows XPerience Registry workarounds for tedious, but useful XP optimizations. You may ask yourselves, why should this article be any different from all those tweaking tutorials around the Internet or, better yet, why should you read this when you can install a program that does it all for you? Here's why: this article will help you make important changes to your system with just two windows opened: this one and a notepad. That's all! No need to click your way through dozens of windows, no need to go through the risk of pushing the wrong button and crashing your operating system.

Furthermore, you don't have to pay a single cent! Why pay for a program to do what you yourselves can do in just a few seconds? And last but not least, you will be able to choose from a list only the tweaks that you're interested in and then apply them on any computer, at any time with just a double-click. Tweaking can hardly get any easier than that! Think how cool that would be, especially after reinstalling Windows.

Let's start by creating the file that will do all the magic. Right-click on your desktop, create a new text document and name it tweaks.reg. Windows will ask if you're sure that you want to change the file extension – click Yes. Right-click the file and choose Edit: a blank notepad window will appear. There are two things you must keep in mind: first of all, for the magic to work your text document must start with 'Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00'. Secondly, later on, be very patient when copying something to paste it in your document. If you copy an incomplete text, the tweak will not work and you might alter other system settings.

As for the pieces of advice that will make your work easier when creating the tweaking file, just keep in mind two things: remember the purpose of each line (you can use comment lines in which you can write whatever you like as long as they start with a semicolon) and, of course, know that there's no problem in leaving a few lines empty between each tweak, to help you differentiate them.

Now here's a list of system tweaks for you to choose from. The idea is quite simple: I'll provide a few lines (the tweak) and a short explanation for what they do. If you're interested in seeing the tweak applied to your computer, all you have to do is paste the lines at the bottom (no, you can't paste them anywhere you like) of your tweaks.reg file.

To make sure I've got your attention, in this article I’ll post optimizations that are either impossible to apply in a conventional way (from Windows Explorer or Control Panel, for example) or possible, but pretty tedious, so getting your hands dirty in less known parts of Windows would normally be necessary in order to apply them.


It will deactivate the annoying "Low Disk Space" message that appears in your system tray each time one of your drives is almost full.


This baby will remove the window that always pops up when you try opening a file that is not assigned to a program, asking you if you wish to go online and find out which program you should use to open that type of file. After applying this patch, you’ll see just the Open With window.

"Use Search Asst"="no"

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of the old, classic search, without any "assistants." So if you don't like the Windows XP default search interface and prefer the classic from its predecessors, just add these lines to your tweaks.reg file.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sound]

If you haven't got the chance to install a sound driver, you've surely noticed the annoying beeps made by your motherboard each time an alert window pops up. After applying this tweak, you won't need to worry about these beeps anymore.


Add this tweak to your list if you don't want your Windows XP to constantly add the shortcut arrow each time you create a shortcut.


If you find the tool tips containing information displayed by Windows when hovering a file with your mouse rather bothersome, adding this optimization to your tweaks.reg file will help you get rid of them.

I'll stop here and be back soon to continue my list with a lot more interesting tweaks in a future article. So all you have to do now is save the contents of the tweaks.reg window, close it and then double-click it. Windows will ask if you wish to add the information stored in tweaks.reg to your registry. If you're sure you've followed each step correctly, go right ahead and press Yes.

In the meantime, if you know any other cool tweaks or had problems creating the tweaks file, just post a comment to this article and have your say.

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Tips Memberi Nama Anak

1. Nama itu mengandung do'a.
Nama anak itu cermin harapan orang tua. Nama itu mengandung Do'a.Tetapi do'anya yang singkat saja. Kalau terlalu panjang nanti dikira Tahlil atau Wirid. Kalau dipanggil bukannya nengok, malah bilang "Amiinn.."
2. Nama jangan nyusahin orang Kelurahan
Nama anak mudah dibaca dan mudah ditulis. Meskipun tampaknya bagus,jangan pakai huruf mati yang digandeng-gandeng atau didobel-dobel (mis.Lloyd,Nikky, Thasya dll). Biasanya sama petugas Kelurahan akan terjadi salah tulis dalam pembuatan Akta Kelahiran, Kartu Keluarga, KTP dll.Nah... nggak enaknya lagi kalo kita minta revisi biasanya kena biaya lagi... dan prosesnya lama lagi.
3. Nama jangan cuma satu kata
Minimal ada First Name, Nick Name dan Family name gitu loh.... Ini penting terutama kalo pas lagi ngurus Paspor atau Visa. Nggak jadi berangkat ke Amrik hanya gara-gara namanya cuma Prakoso atau Pamuji atau Paryono khan kesiaan...
4. Nama jangan terlalu panjang
Nama yang panjang bererot bisa bikin susah si pemilik nama. Disamping susah ngingetnya, juga ngerepotin waktu ngisi formulir pendaftaran masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (dulu UMPTN). Itu lho..yang ngitemin buletan-buletan pakai pensil 2B. Capeek khaan... Nama panjang seperti Siti Hartati Riwayati Mulianingsih Adiningrum Mekar Berseri Sepanjang Hari.... adalah sangat-sangat not-recommended.
5. Nama anak bersifat internasional
Anak kita hidup dimasa depan, di era globalisasi dimana hubungan dengan dunia internasional amat sangat intens. Jadi jangan mempersulit anak dengan nama-nama yang sulit di-eja. Nama Saklitinov msalnya orang Jepang nyebutnya Sakuritino, orang Sunda bilang aktinop orang Amrik bilang Sechlaytinove... Syusah khaaannn Padahal maksudnya Sabtu Kliwon Tiga November...
6. Ketahuilah arti nama anak
Ketahuilah arti nama anak. Jangan memberikan nama hanya karena enak diucapkan atau bagus ditulisnya. Nama Jalmowono memang sepintas enak diucapkan dan bagus kalo ditulis tetapi ketahuilah bahwa Jalmowono itu artinya Orang Utan.
7. Jangan pakai nama artis.
Nama artis memang bagus-bagus, cuma masalahnya kalau artis itu kelakuannya baik... lha kalau jadi bahan gosip melulu khan jadi beban juga buat si anak. Lagian pakai nama artis itu tandanya anda gak kreatif dalam bikin nama.
8. Abjad huruf pertama
Nama anak. Huruf pertama "A" pada nama anak ada enak gak enaknya. Gak enaknya kalau pas ada ujian/test/wawancara sering dipanggil duluan. Gak sempet nanya-nanya ama temannya. Tapi kadang-kadang juga pas giliran dapat pembagian apa gitu, dapetnya juga sering duluan. Sebaiknya ambil huruf pertama itu antara D sampai K. Cukupan lah.. Huruf depan Z.. wah. Biasanya adanya dibawah...
9. Jangan sok Kebarat-baratan
Jangan memberi nama anak dengan bergaya kebarat-baratan, biar dibilang keren. Kudu diinget, anda lahir dibumi Indonesia, orang Indonesia, kultur ya tetap orang Indonesia. Kalau nama keindo-indoan, tapi mukanya ya melayu-melayu juga, malu sendiri kan, anaknya ya ortunya.. Lagian kalo kejepit toh bilangnya "adawww...." bukan "Oh my God.."
Ayo.. Siapa yang mau nambahin ato punya Tips lain?

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Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 Is here

The successor of Firefox 3.0 has entered the Beta development stage as of October 14, 2008. In this context, Mozilla has made available for download Firefox 3.1 Beta 1. The next iteration of the open source browser, codenamed Shiretoko, is making headway in terms of development, having already passed through a couple of Alpha phases. With the 3.1 Beta 1 release, Mozilla is touting various improvements across the browser, including enhancements delivered to performance, web compatibility, and speed.

“This milestone is focused on testing the core functionality provided by many new features and changes to the platform scheduled for Firefox 3.1,” revealed Samuel Sidler, Quality Assurance Engineer at Mozilla. Even though it is nothing more than a development milestone, Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 is available in no less than 36 languages for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Mozilla has added a plethora of features to Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 in comparison to the Alpha 2 release. In this regard, the draft specification for Geolocation was implemented along with support for the @font-face CSS property. However, one of the most relevant enhancements is the TraceMonkey new JavaScript engine, which is yet to be turned on by default. Mozilla informed that users would have to navigate to about:config, and then set javascript.options.jit.content to True, after which a browser restart is required.

Sidler added that “new features and changes in this milestone that require feedback include: Web standards improvements in the Gecko layout engine; added support for CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 properties; a new tab-switching shortcut that shows previews of the tab you're switching to; improved control over the Smart Location Bar using special characters to restrict your search; support for new web technologies such as the < video > and < audio > elements, the W3C Geolocation API, JavaScript query selectors, web worker threads, SVG transforms and offline applications”.

Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 for Windows is available for download here.
Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 for Mac OS X is available for download here.
Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 for Linux is available for download here.
By: Marius Oiaga

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Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 Mac Version Now Available for Download

The first Beta for Mozilla's Firefox 3.1 has been released to the public. Beta 1 adds one of the coolest features ever to hit the popular web-browser – a new tab-switching shortcut, bringing an enhanced Mac-feeling to the browsing experience.

First of all, everyone should note that Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 is a public preview release intended for developer testing and community feedback. Although the beta includes a host of new features, and performance improvements, it is highly recommended that you read the release notes, as well as the known issues before installing it.

And now for the good stuff. Among the new additions in Firefox 3.1 Beta is added support for CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 properties. The newly-added support for “CSS @font-face” allows users to specify a true type font file that includes a specific font they want to use to render a web page. This was one of the most widely-request features in Firefox, according to the development team. The Mac version, as well as the Windows one, includes @font-face support. Firefox for Linux, however, doesn't, but adding support is underway and “will be done by Firefox 3.1 final,” according to Mozilla.

Also worth noting is that Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 is the first beta from Mozilla to include support for the

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Absolute Linux 12.1.09 Released

Two days ago, Paul Sherman, developer of Absolute Linux, announced the immediate availability of the Absolute Linux 12.1.09. This version comes right after the 12.0.8 release, which was baked and delivered on October 11th. Absolute Linux 12.1.09 fixes three bugs and updates one package.

Let's take a look at the bug fixes:
· The first bug fix is for the TiLP package, which had some permissions set incorrectly for the /usr/share/applications directory. This caused to render useless .desktop files for the regular user accounts.
· The second bug fix resolves the desktop file type association for .gz files.
· Last but not least, the linking problem between Mozilla Thunderbird mail client and Mozilla Firefox web browser (the mailto function in Firefox and url function in Thunderbird) was fixed in this release.

Moreover, Absolute Linux 12.1.09 updates the "absolute" theme in the gtksourceview2 package, so you can use even more visible colors for the mouse cursor.

Absolute Linux is a lightweight modification of the Slackware Linux distribution. It makes maintenance and configuration much easier, has common applications installed and configured. Absolute Linux allows you to play audio CDs, DVDs and movies "out of the box," and is easy to configure and use. Highlights of Absolute Linux include:
· icewm/ROX_Filer as a window/file manager combination;
· Time-saving utilities;
· Preconfigured shortcuts/menus;
· Desktop-oriented software;
· Customized installer;
· Manuals, HOWTOs and other useful documentation.

Absolute Linux includes applications such as:
· Pidgin (multi-protocol instant messenger)
· Avidemux (video editor)
· Azureus (P2P client)
· Mozilla Firefox (web browser)
· Mozilla Thunderbird (mail client)
· (office suite)
· Scribus (desktop publisher)
· Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF viewer)
· Bibletime (Bible study application)
· Deluge (BitTorrent client)

If you want a fast, lightweight, Slackware-based Linux operating system for your personal computer, you can download Absolute Linux 12.1.09 right now from here.

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