Fedora 10 Release Schedule

The 13th of May was a very important day for Fedora: on the same day, Fedora 9 was launched and the development of Fedora 10 has started. For example, the artwork team is trying to find a good theme to fit the release that will be available somewhere in October, this year.

Until now, there are only five submissions for the default theme of Fedora 10. The first one is Gears, which has a steampunk concept at its basis. Next on the list comes Blue fire, Binary, Dice and Neon.

The release schedule might change in time, as it could be ratified by FESco at a future meeting. The planning and development for Fedora 10 has started a few days ago, on May 13 to be more precise. The distribution will enter the Alpha freeze on 15th July, and on 29th July the first Alpha release will be launched.

The next phase in the development of Fedora 10 will be the Beta freeze, which will take place somewhere in August, possibly on the 19th. Consequently, it will go into Feature Freeze, when all the planning and development ends.

At the beginning of September, we can get our hands on the Fedora 10 Beta release and, at the end of the same month, on the 30th, the distro will go into the Final Development freeze. On 10th October, the Fedora 10 Preview will hit the web and you can enjoy the almost final edition of Fedora 10.

The end of October will bring us the final release of Fedora 10, and we will hopefully enjoy a very powerful and stable distribution. Until then, the best solution for us, Fedora fans, is to use Fedora 9 and to prepare ourselves for the future releases.

Source: news.softpedia.com

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