Bill Gates' New Work at Microsoft Will Begin in July 2008

Bill Gates' new work at Microsoft will debut come July 2008. Yes, July is also the month synonymous with the end of Gates' day-to-day role in the company he helped found. On June 15, 2006, Microsoft announced that Gates will enter a two-year transition period at the end of which the Chairman will shift his focus mainly on the global health and education work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates will not completely divorce from Microsoft, but he has already unloaded the vast majority of his daily responsibilities on his successors.

But believe it or not, Gates will continue working at Microsoft, not only as chairman and advisor, but on specific projects. The Microsoft Chairman participated at the U.K. Server and Tools partner pre-launch event on January 30, 2008, and addressed the subject of his new responsibilities with Microsoft following July 2008.

"I had the pleasure of attending this event today. The last item was Q&A with Bill Gates and there were a number of questions that you will be able to watch and listen too in the future. However, the one that I thought was most interesting was this one: 'what will Bill be doing in his part time capacity with Microsoft and what will the Bill and Melinda Foundation focus on?' His reply was roughly (I made a few scribbled notes, so I hopefully have the gist, if not the words): Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie will take care of the 'one Microsoft and R&D function'," revealed David Overton, ISV Partner Account Manager at Microsoft.

Back in mid 2006, Chief Technical Officer Ray Ozzie assumed the title of Chief Software Architect, and took over the technical architecture and product oversight. At the same time, Chief Technical Officer Craig Mundie was given the new title of Chief Research and Strategy Officer and took control over Microsoft's research and incubation efforts. In this manner, Gates' responsibilities passed to Ozzie and Mundie. After July 2008, the Chairman will focus on three key areas.

"Search - still have lots to deliver from the various teams - we have just started to see the beginning of this - in both Internet and enterprise areas. Office - Bill has always had a keen interest in this area and it will continue. Things to be included are Modelling and declarative rules. Natural User Interfaces - more voice, touch, gesture and general non-keyboard interaction with technology," Overton added.


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