Need For Speed Undercover to Feature Cops and Robbers Mode - This seems like a deja vu

Need For Speed Undercover is shaping up to be the game that revives the old NFS franchise. The title is under development at EA Black Box, a subdivision of big gaming company Electronic Arts, and it will bring back the much awaited police force, which was missing in the last two titles.

After the pretty good NFS: Most Wanted, where the player helped out an undercover cop, this time, as the name implies, it is the player who will be undercover, trying to infiltrate the illegal racing scene in the fictional Tri-City area.

In order to keep the hype around the title, which will hit the shelves on November 18 in the United States and on the 21st in Europe, EA has just announced a new online feature called Cops and Robbers, which will have two teams of players, consisting of up to four members, racing against each other, one team trying to get its precious loot from the drop-off point to the safe house, and the other one trying to stop it.

"High-intensity police chases are a signature component of Undercover and this extends to the multiplayer experience as well," said Bill Harrison, executive producer at Black Box. "The cops and robbers mode will thrust players into adrenaline-pumping battles as they utilize the Heroic Driving Engine to deliver or prevent the delivery of the package to the safe house."

Each game will consist of two rounds, the roles of the teams switching during the course of this challenge. It will definitely be fun, but it isn't that innovative, as EA already put the player in the role of a cop in their PlayStation Portable version of NFS: Most Wanted, in the game mode entitled "Be the Cop." Well, fresh ideas are quite hard to come up with these days.
By: Andrei Dobra

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